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                Profile      IDET  is a specialised group, which offers long experienced structural analysis and design capabilities in several advanced fields relating to the development of  industrial products , e.g.: industrial design, plastics and advanced composite materials design, advanced technologies, fluid dynamics and structural analysis, dynamical and vibro-acoustical testing, acoustic analysis

                Activitiesglobal project management:

                                 design concept,  feasibility study, business contacts with suppliers and converters, engineering and prototyping, experimentation, model and prototype testing, commissioning.


                                 research into materials and technologies regarding product requirements; 3D modelling and drafting ;

                                 materials definition and engineering; physical and mathematical modelling; numerical computation; finite element analyses: structural, dynamical, fluid-dynamical, and thermal analyses ); vibration and acoustic analysis; modal analysis, modal and vibration testing; instrumented testing definition and services; hydronautics and hull study.


                Some experiences  land transportation:

                                 • structural and functional components for railway and automotive transport vehicles (public and private use);

                                 • advanced composite material body for an innovative city bus;

                                 • advanced composite material refrigerator cells for food transport;

                                 • advanced composite material front for a railway locomotive;

                                 • advanced composite material car-body for auto-caravans;

                                 • electrical/fuel powered motor vehicle prototype;

                                 naval/nautical transportation:

                                 • structural and functional components for naval transportation (public and private use);

                                 • hydro-dynamic and structural design, and model and prototype testing, of innovative crafts with high efficiency hull;


                                 • advanced composite material structural parts for civil and military aircraft;

                                 • advanced composite material components for satellites;


                                 • components in plastics and advanced composites for industrial use: containers, tanks, pipes for submarine water supply, off-shore platforms, reinforced concrete pre-stressing rods, etc.;

                                 • components for industrial power looms;

                                 • components for electrical household appliances;

                                 • special parts in advanced composite material for medical equipment;

                                 • emergency living-shelters for civil and military use.


                Clients       Agusta; AlfaLaval; Belar; Breda Costruzioni Ferroviarie; Cantieri Riva; C.R.F. (Centro Ricerche Fiat); C.N.R. (Centro Nazionale delle Ricerche); Comma; Dallara; Elica; Ferrari - Michelotto; Ferretti; Fincantieri; FIAT Ferroviaria; Giumma; Harken; I.A.S. (Istituto di Astrofisica Spaziale); IDRA Presse; I.N.F.N. (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare); Jallatte; Laben; Mecaer; Metaltecnica; Officine Galileo; Otis; PietroTerzi; Plyform; Royal Norvegian Navy; Saati; Sicamb; Sir Industriale; Somet; StylLamp; Taiver; Tencara; Texi; Victory Design; Wingam; Zanussi.